Pool Chilling this Summer

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Imagine yourself in late August in Austin, TX.  You just fought your way through afternoon traffic.  The air conditioner in your car stopped working half an hour from home.  You’re hot.  You’re sticky.  You’re cranky.  All you want is to cool down.  So you grab your suit and a towel and head to your backyard pool for a nice cool plunge.  You jump into the water and your body is instantly rejuvenated, revitalized, reinvigorated.  You swim a few laps and then emerge from the pool and towel off happily, your crankiness replaced by a smile, actually appreciating the warmth of the sun.

Your neighbor peeks over the fence.  He just came home through the traffic, too.  He is still hot, sticky, and cranky.  And he also has just emerged from his pool.  What’s the difference?  His pool is close to the temperature of the air – it’s been over 100 degrees for weeks.  Yours on the other hand, is in the mid-eighties because you have a pool chiller.

Pool chillers are great in hot climates, to keep your pool at a refreshing temperature.  The cooler temperature makes it easier (and more cost efficient) to maintain the water chemistry of your pool.  For an average residential pool, they can reduce the temperature up to 15 degrees in just 12 hours.  Many chillers can also actually heat your pool in moderate temperatures.  Some of the drawbacks for a chiller system are going to be upfront expense, which can range from $8000 – $10,000 depending on your electrical run, and the cost of running it, which are similar to running a home’s air conditioning unit.  

There are many models and brands to choose from; something to think about for those hot, humid summer months.  Consult your Austin Pool builder for details.