Maintaining your Austin pool on a regular basis will not only help ensure that the water is always clean and the equipment is always up-to-par, but it will also help you keep tabs on any potential problems that may creep up, such as pool leakage.

If you’re noticing that you need to continuously add more and more water to your pool every day, there may be a leak somewhere. As a pool owner, it’s helpful to understand what some of the possible causes may be, as you’ll be better able to identify the issue and deal with it right away.

Here are a handful of possible causes for leaks in your Austin swimming pool.

Faulty Plumbing

A leak in your pool’s plumbing could be the culprit behind your pool leakage. This can be the result of corrosion, which can damage the plumbing of your pool. In this case, it’s important that you contact your Austin pool builder immediately. 

Pinpointing where the leak is underground requires professional assistance with specialized tools. Plus, allowing the leak to continue for longer than necessary will wreak havoc on your pool area. 

Structural Issues

Structural damage can be another possible reason for leaks in your pool. An obvious sign to look for is a crack in the concrete. If you notice any cracks, have them looked at right away to verify whether or not you’re losing water in these spots. 

Again, these issues need to be dealt with immediately, as a small crack can eventually become a lot bigger, which can cause even more leakage. The longer you wait, the worse it can become. 

Loose Fittings

Anywhere that joint connections are loosened can be another spot that may allow leakage to occur. Luckily, these types of issues are more easily fixed without much intervention. But again, you’ll want some help from the experts to handle this issue. 

If you notice signs of leakage, especially if your pool water levels continue to decrease without much explanation, call your local Austin pool builders to help!