Having a pool in your backyard is great, but having your neighbors peer into your yard while you frolic in the water is not so great. The good news is, there are a number of things you can do to boost privacy in your backyard so you can enjoy your Austin swimming pool without feeling like you’re on display. 

Privacy Fence

The most obvious way to enhance privacy in your backyard is with a privacy fence. While wrought-iron fencing may be aesthetically pleasing, it does little to block off what’s happening on the other side. 

Privacy fences can provide complete privacy. And if it’s not possible to fence off your entire yard, consider putting a fence around the swimming pool area. There are plenty of styles of privacy fences available, so it should be easy for you to find something that goes well with your backyard landscape.

Trees and Shrubs 

You can maximize your yard’s privacy with greenery. You’ll likely have to abide by local bylaws when it comes to the height of a fence, but no such rules exist for greenery. Your trees, shrubs, and hedges can grow to just about any height, providing you with optimal privacy. Plus, trees and shrubs are a lot nicer to look at. 


For a more versatile option, you may consider adding partitions surrounding the pool area to provide you with the privacy you need. Plus, partitions can also serve as windbreaks on breezy days. And if done right, they can add to the aesthetics of your pool area.

If you’re looking for more help creating the perfect backyard oasis, get in touch with your local Austin pool builder today!