Chlorine tends to be the more commonly-known chemical used to keep pool water clean and sanitized. But over recent years, saltwater has come to be a more ideal alternative, and more popular as a result. 

Whether you’re looking to revamp an existing pool in your Austin home or are installing a completely new one, opting for a saltwater cleaning system is best, and here are just a few reasons why.

Softer Water

You’ll immediately notice that pool water that’s sanitized with saltwater instead of chlorine is much softer and more comfortable on the skin. Just like salt can be used to soften the water in your shower in your home, so can it be used to soften your pool water. You’ll find that saltwater leaves your skin feeling less dry than chlorinated water. 


Saltwater pools tend to cost less to maintain than chlorinated pools. That’s because salt is generally less expensive than chlorine. Depending on how big your pool is, you could save quite a bit of money every year with a saltwater system.

No Harsh Chemical Smell

One of the things that you’ll notice with a chlorinated pool is the intense chemical smell. Instead, the chlorine in saltwater pools is naturally made instead of man-made, which explains the diminished harsh chlorine odor.

Gentle on Clothing

Odds are, you may have had the experience in the past where your bathing suit faded in color due to the harsh chemicals in the pool water. With saltwater systems, you won’t have to worry about such damage to your clothing. Saltwater is also easier on your hair and eyes, which is an added bonus.

To make the switch to a saltwater pool system, get in touch with your trusted Austin pool builder today.