Your pool’s water level may not stay where it’s at without some intervention on your part. Certain things can cause your pool to lose water and result in a shrinking water level. It’s important to understand these issues and take steps to rectify them.

Cover Your Pool to Avoid Evaporation

Austin’s hot temperatures and abundance of sunlight can easily cause water from your pool to evaporate, which can have an impact on your pool’s water levels. You’ll notice your water evaporating when you look at your water bill.

To counter this, consider adding a pool cover when you’re not using your pool, if your pool’s configuration allows for it. Covering your pool will minimize evaporation dramatically. 

Encourage Less Splashing

Splashing about in the pool is normal, especially when there are kids frolicking in the water. But excess splashing can cause large amounts of water to escape the pool. You might notice a lot more water leaving the pool when there are several bathers in the pool or from people doing cannonballs or other jumps that cause water to gush out. 

Ask that anyone in the pool be mindful of their splashing, and if necessary, splash towards the center of the pool rather than outside of it.  

Look For Signs of Leakage

It’s possible to have a leak in your pool and not even realize it. Until, that is, you notice your water bill creeping up. 

Leaks are very difficult to detect, but they can cause significant amounts of water from leaving your pool. If you suspect that your pool has leaks and is losing water, take some steps to identify them. 

To start, mark off the water level. A day or two later, check the water level and see if it’s much lower than the marking you left beforehand. 

If it’s lower, there could be a leak. You may be able to find it by using a leak finder dye, which is designed to stay together when added to the water.  

If there is a leak, the dye will float through that area. Be sure to turn off your pool equipment before conducting this test so the water remains still.

Otherwise, call in the professionals in Austin TX pool building and maintenance to help identify any areas of concern. And if any are found, they can rectify them for you.