While swimmers are obviously going to make good use of your Austin swimming pool, there are certain things that may want to keep out of the water, including the following.


It’s a widely-accepted notion that bathers should be clean before entering a swimming pool to reduce bacteria from polluting the water, and that typically requires at least a quick rinse. But in many cases, a full shower with soap and water may be warranted.

However, it’s important that the soap is fully rinsed off before getting into the pool, as it can be bad for the chemistry of the pool water. 


Like heavy films of soap, lotions can also throw off the pool water chemistry. Certain oils can also clog up the filter. That means you’d need to clean the filter more often than necessary. It’s a lot easier to prevent lotions from making their way into the water than to try and remove them with a filtration system or by adding other chemicals. 


Leaves can not only fill up your pool skimmer really quickly and potentially clog it, but they can also mess around with the chlorine. That’s because leaves and other organic matter tend to sink to the bottom of the pool and deplete the chlorine or other chemical being used to sanitize the pool water. 

Removing leaves from the pool as soon as possible is important to reduce the amount of organic matter that the chemicals must sanitize. 

Ducks and Other Wildlife

You may have noticed from time to time that your pool has been the source of unique little visitors. Ducks love the water (obviously) and may sometimes make a pit stop on their journeys when they spot a body of water in the form of a swimming pool. 

While they may look cute in there, they shouldn’t be encouraged to stick around. As you might imagine, ducks will likely defecate in the pool water, leaving you with an unsanitary mess to clean up. While chlorine is effective at killing parasites and pathogens, it may not be able to kill off cryptosporidium, which can be left behind by animal poop and is a good reason why ducks should not be allowed to frolic in your pool. 

If you need help maintaining the cleanliness of your pool water, be sure to enlist the help of your local Austin swimming pool builder today!