When it comes time to install your swimming pool, you’ll want to choose an Austin pool builder that’s experienced, trustworthy, and professional. The last thing you want to do is entrust this job to a team that won’t come through with what they’ve promised. 

Considering the magnitude and importance of this job, you’ll want to take the time to select the best Austin pool builder. Here are some important things to look for. 

They’re Licensed and Insured

Texas has licensing rules for pool contractors, and anyone installing a pool should be fully licensed in the state they’re working in. Further, they should also have insurance, which not only protects them, but you too. If a pool builder doesn’t have either one, keep looking. 

They Have Plenty of References

It might be nice to see past projects that the pool contractor has done in the past so you can see what their work is like. Ideally, your Austin pool builder will be able to provide you with a list of references and a portfolio of photos of projects they’ve done. 

They Use Innovative Technology

Things are always evolving in the world of swimming pool installation. Newer types of technology, equipment, and mechanisms can make designing and installing your pool more effective. Today’s top Austin swimming pool builders are always keeping up with the latest in terms of technology used to design and build pools. 

They’re Easy to Communicate With

As a homeowner installing a pool, you’ll likely have questions or concerns along the way. As such, it would be nice to have an open means of communication with your pool contractors. They should provide different modes of communication and should be easily reached whenever you have the need to go over certain details about your project.

If you’re ready to have a pool installed at home, get in touch with Reliant Pools today!