There’s a big cost associated with having a pool installed in your Austin home’s backyard, but the ongoing maintenance and energy costs can make it even more expensive. Luckily, there are some ways to keep your energy costs low.

Invest in an Energy-Saving Pool Pump

Pool pumps can use up quite a bit of energy. But with an energy-efficient pump, you can slash your energy bills and make your pool an overall efficient one.

You might also want to consider getting a smaller pump, which you may be able to get away with by reducing the hydraulic resistance of the pool circulation system. You can also turn the pump speed down during off-peak times, as long as a minimum flow is maintained.

Installing a variable-speed pump is also a smart option. These pumps can save you a few hundred dollars compared to single-speed pumps, according to the EPA. Variable-speed pumps also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Add the Right Amount of Landscaping

Not only does cam swimming pool landscaping add an aesthetic element to your pool area, but it can also be an effective way to reduce heat loss and overall energy expenses. Any evaporation of heated water can also be minimized with a natural windbreaker in the form of landscaping, which can also contribute to energy savings.

Use Pool Automation

Innovative technology can help you automate your pool maintenance tasks. You can literally run most of your pool’s systems with automation tools and systems to help you steer clear of expensive energy use.

Install LED Lights

LED lights can save you a ton of money in energy expenses compared to incandescent lights. Plus, they last much longer. You may even be eligible for rebates from the local government or utility company when you make the switch to LED.

Whether you’re looking to make your Austin pool more energy efficient or want to have a new pool installed, reach out to your local Austin pool builders today!