Having a well-lit swimming pool is not only convenient when the sun starts to set, but it also adds a layer of ambience and atmosphere to your pool area. Luckily, there are all sorts of different types of pool lights that you can incorporate into your pool, including the following.

Flush-Mounted Underwater Lighting

Flush-mounted lights are great because they don’t stick out from your pool wall. Instead, they’re mounted inside the pool wall for a smooth finish. Flush-mount lights come in a couple of different options, including LED or halogen. While halogen lights are much cheaper than LEDs, they also use a lot more power and require more maintenance. 

Surface-Mounted Underwater Lighting

A more cost-effective option for underwater lights is surface-mounted lighting. These types of lights are popular in underwater pool lighting because they look great, they offer plenty of illumination, and they’re more affordable than other lighting options. Plus, surface-mounted lights are a bit easier to install compared to flush-mounted lighting.

Garden Lighting

In addition to lights installed in your pool, you may also consider adding lighting to the surrounding garden area. Adding lights to your landscaping adds some practicality and style to your overall backyard when properly placed. 

Flood Lighting

Flood lights can be used to illuminate larger areas around your pool, especially if you have certain components that you’d like to highlight. You can add just about any color you like to fully customize your outdoor space. Again, flood lights come in LED and halogen options. 

Floating Lights

A fun option is to add a few floating lights to your pool, especially during parties. These lights are typically powered by solar power or batteries and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

The best time to install pool lighting is during the installation process of the pool, though lights can also be added after the fact. Consult with your local Austin swimming pool builder for more ideas!