A swimming pool itself is a fantastic amenity to introduce to your backyard. Considering the year-round heat that residents in the state of Texas are able to take advantage of, having a pool installed by a professional Austin pool builder provides the perfect outlet to both beat the sizzling heat and enjoy some time frolicking in the water.

These days, the pool itself serves as a base, as there are plenty of amenities and features that can be added for heightened enjoyment, and a pool slide is one of them. Of course, kids will absolutely love having a slide to accompany their pool to whisk down to plunge into the water below. But adults can have just as much fun with a pool slide as the younger ones can.

Here are a few things you should know about pool slides before having one installed in your pool.

  1. Pool Slides Can Be a Later Addition

If you’ve already had your pool installed by a swimming pool builder Austin, TX, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get that slide. In fact, pool slides can be installed after the fact. With a little careful planning and some collaboration with a professional, a slide can be added later. Just make sure that there’s enough patio space, and a water source is roughed in for future use.

  1. The Location of the Slide is Important

Consider positioning your pool slide so that it’s facing the main congregating area. Why? For starters, water rushes down from the slide into the pool while it’s running so that it can also double as a water feature. Secondly, positioning it this way will also allow you to see the look of excitement on the kids’ faces as they slide into the pool.

  1. Make Sure There’s Enough Patio Space For the Slide

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to make sure that there is adequate space on the patio for the slide. The majority of slides need an area of about 7′ by 15′ in order to ensure that the slide doesn’t cut off access to other parts of the patio. Of course, this will depend on the exact size of your patio and how much room you have to work with.

Keep these things in mind when installing a pool slide, and be sure to team up with a professional Austin pool builder to ensure the job is done right.