Adding a spa to your existing pool

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

Adding a Spa to Your Pool in Austin, TX

Not only do outdoor spas add plenty of value to your home, they also add to your outdoor space’s level of enjoyment as well. If you’ve already got a pool in your yard, adding a spa is not as difficult as you think, as long as experienced Austin pool builders are trusted with the job.

Whether your spa is integrated with the pool, stands on its own, or even overflows into the pool for a waterfall effect, the results can be truly outstanding!

Spa Surface Options

When it comes to the type of surface for your backyard spa, you have some options. For starters, drop-in pre-fab shells that are constructed out of acrylic or fiberglass are quite popular. However, the highest quality option is to use steel or concrete. Not only will these materials create a longer-lasting, more durable surface, they’re also much more attractive. In addition, they allow for decorative stonework to customize and improve the overall look of the spa.

Add-On Options For Your Spa

To enhance the look and enjoyment of your spa, there are plenty of accessories that you may want to consider adding to it, including the following:

Lighting – While the average spa may have a halogen bulb underwater, you can have your spa lighting upgraded with additional lighting such as colored LED lights, which feature fully customized options.

Jets – Instead of just sticking with one-directional jets, consider adding some variety, such as swirl jets, massage jets, and oscillating jets.

Bubble system – This unique feature provides a relaxing effect and increases the amount of water that is directed through the jets.

Size – No matter how large or small you want the spa to be, your Austin swimming pool builders can build a spa to suit your needs.
Call your local Austin, Texas pool builders to have a fully customized spa installed to accompany your pool today!