Adding a Waterfall to your Design

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

Nothing screams Mother Nature quite like a cascading waterfall.  The fine mist hanging in the air and the soothing, rhythmic sound of the splashing water combine to create a sense of total relaxation.  Attaching a waterfall to your swimming pool can transform your backyard into a resort paradise.  “Natural” pools with waterfalls are very popular in rural settings where there is a lot of land, but also in small backyards in the middle of the city.

A waterfall can be an expensive addition to your pool, so keep that in mind when incorporating one into your design.  There are experts in the design and construction of waterfalls.  Like anything else, you get what you pay for.  They can come out looking cheap, plastic and fake, or beautiful and very natural.  This is not an area where you want to trim your budget.  Much of the expense of a natural waterfall comes with the choice of stone.  There are different types to choose from, swimming pool builders in Austin, TX most often use field stone or moss rock.

If you like the sound of flowing water, but want to go with a more modern design, there are infinite design options to get you what you want.  It’s possible to add a waterfall to an existing pool for a relatively low price, but a pre-made standalone waterfall does not really look as natural and may be difficult to incorporate into the style of the pool.  It’s better to invest in an Austin pool builder who can help you to construct a waterfall that will enhance your pool’s original design, and not look like an afterthought. Typically you want your landscape to slope towards the home in order for a waterfall to look natural on the backside of your pool. If the landscape slopes away there is an additional landscaping challenge to make your waterfall look natural.