There are a handful of options when it comes to outfitting the interior of your Austin swimming pool, and tiles are one of them. 

In fact, an all-tile pool can provide a striking finish to your pool and add a stylish element to your backyard. And these days, Austin swimming pool builders are getting an increasing number of requests for tile installation in their pools.

Not only are tiles visually appealing, but they’re also a lot more durable and last a very long time. 

You also have options in terms of how much or how little tiling you’d like in your pool. For instance, you might choose something simple such as a tile accent border at water level. Or, you can go all out and install tiling over the entire surface area of the pool’s interior. 

You can also choose the design of the tiles. For instance, you can keep things simple with a traditional layout of tiling, or you can create fun and stylish designs that are truly unique to your swimming pool. 

If you decide to go with tiles in your pool’s interior, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Exact type of tile material. Some tile materials last longer than others, so go with a tile that’s known for its quality.
  • Tile size. There are different size tiles available. You might even want to mix and match sizes for a highly unique look.
  • Tile design. Get some ideas from your Austin pool builder when it comes to the type of design you’d like to see in your pool.
  • Tile colors. Blue and white tend to be the more popular colors for swimming pool tiles, though there are others to choose from.

No matter which way you go, your trusted pool builder in Austin can help. Give them a call today!