Anyone who lives in Austin, Texas knows how hot it can get, especially in the summer months. In fact, the mercury can rise so far up on the thermometer that it’s not uncommon to see streets completely void of people who are seeking refuge in cooler areas, such as air-conditioned interiors.

Another way to beat the heat without having to retreat indoors is to soak it up in your very own pool. Staying wet truly is the only way to stay cool while still enjoying the outdoors. The only problem is that pool water can also get pretty hot to the point that it no longer helps to keep you cool.

So, what can you do to bring the temperature of the pool water down?

With a pool chiller, of course!

Not only will your swimming pool water be much more refreshing during those sizzling summer days, but the water chemistry will also be much simpler to maintain. Even a 10° decrease in water temperature can help you realize significant savings on chemical use. With a pool chilling system, you can spend much more time enjoying your refreshing pool all throughout the year.

How Pool Chillers Work

A pool chiller works by circulating water through the system, with heat from the water being removed immediately as a result of the movement of air. The cooled water is then pumped back into the pool, keeping the water chilled and much more comfortable for all bathers.

The right size pool chiller should lower the temperature of the water by anywhere from 10° to 15° in a 12- to 14-hour time frame, on average. It’s important that the proper size chiller is chosen in order to experience maximum cooling effects.

Even as summer is winding down, it’s still a great time to have a pool cooling system installed in your pool to keep your pool water cool and refreshing all year long.