When it comes to installing an Austin swimming pool, you want one that’s built to last, is easily customized, and can accommodate just about any shape and style. 

Gunite pools check all the boxes.  

Gunite is a mix of sand and cement that’s used in the construction of pools. It’s among the more popular choices for homeowners looking to install a long-lasting, high-quality, easily-customizable swimming pool for their homes.

Here are a few benefits to using gunite when constructing an Austin pool. 

Easily Customizable 

Gunite pools make it easier to create any pool shape and design. Further, gunite allows pools to maintain their strength and shape over time thanks to the robust steel framework used with this material.

Other materials, such as fiberglass, are pre-manufactured off-site according to a specific shape and brought over to the pool construction site. Instead, gunite is applied on-site, allowing for more flexibility throughout the design process.

More Finish Material Options 

With gunite pools, homeowners have more options when it comes to the type of materials used to create the finished product. For starters, plaster, tiling, pebbles, and glass can be incorporated into the pool design based on different tastes and budgets. Gunite plaster finishes also come in a variety of different colors, making it easy to match the pool with the surrounding landscaping. 

Built to Last

Gunite swimming pools are unparalleled compared to other pool construction materials. Custom gunite pools are highly durable and have the longest lifespan. Homeowners will get many more years out of their gunite pools compared to other construction materials, so there’s less need for repairs.

If you’re looking to have a gunite pool installed in your home, get in touch with your trusted Austin pool builder today!