Taking a dip in your pool on a hot, sizzling day is a great way to cool off, but once you’re done for the day, you’ll need to rinse yourself off and perhaps take a full shower. Rather than dripping all over your home as you make your way to your bathroom, why not take your shower outside before you even set foot indoors? With an outdoor shower, you can make enjoying your pool as convenient as possible for you as well as any guests you entertain.


Here are some suggestions when adding a shower to your outer space.


Blend Your Shower With the Natural Surroundings and Your Home’s Details


Outdoor showers look best when they’re well suited to their natural surroundings as well as the architectural details of your Austin home. You can make your shower blend in nicely with the surrounding structure by incorporating stone walls and other features, as well as some plantings around the area to blend in with the adjacent landscaping. When choosing your finishes, consider matching them with the finish of your outdoor elements. If you’re in the process of building a home, ask your Austin home builder to help you incorporate your shower.


Choose the Appropriate Flooring


You want to make sure you’re fully clean after your shower, so you don’t want to have any grass or other grimy texture as your shower’s flooring, which will still leave you with stuff to clean off your feet. Instead, choose wood (except pressure-treated), stone, and other types of materials that will not only keep you clean, but are slip and water resistant as well.


Plan for Drainage


The water from the shower will need to drain somewhere, so you want to make sure it doesn’t pool anywhere or create a flood as a result of poor drainage planning. As such, make sure you’ve accounted for proper drainage, as such requirements for every property will be different. For instance, grounds with slow drainage typically require more elaborate systems. Soap and shampoo residue can be harmful to plants and can clog some systems, so you want to check local codes for any drainage restrictions. The city of Austin requires builders to tie drains into the local sewer systems.


Plan for the perfect outdoor shower next to your pool with the help of experienced swimming pool builders in Austin, TX!