Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a wonderful trait to add to your Austin, TX home, but adding an in-ground spa to accompany your pool can take things to the next level of creating a backyard oasis for your home. Spas provide a luxurious way to unwind, soothe aching muscles, and enjoy your backyard even well after the sun sets.


These days, there are plenty of new and more innovative technologies that you can consider for your in-ground spa that can make it as enjoyable as you can possibly imagine.


Of course, there are the jets, benches, seats, colored lighting, sound systems, and water features that all make the spa experience an amazing one. However, there are elements that are behind the scenes that you don’t really see nor even think about that can really take your spa experience to the next level. Many of the smart technology that’s used in your pool can be applied to your spa to make it operate more efficiently and boost safety for bathers.


Digital Remote Control


New digital technology allows you to control your spa from wherever you happen to be – whether at work or on the ride home. This will let you set your spa at the perfect temperature so that it’s ready for you the moment you walk through the door. So make sure your Austin pool builder includes smart phone controls on your swimming pool project.


Intelligent Pumps


These pumps are not just reserved for pools, but can be applied to spas as well. Safety features sense any drain blockages and automatically shut off the pump in seconds to provide an added layer of protection against entrapment. Newly designed pumps offer variable speed controls that are more energy efficient and can save you a lot of money every year.


Automatic Spa Covers


Instead of having to use a lot of force to cover your spa when you’re done with it, simply press a button to have it covered automatically!


To take advantage of any one of these innovative designs, call your trusted swimming pool builder in Austin, TX today!