There are so many ways to accentuate the area surrounding your pool in Austin, TX, and adding a cabana is one of them. These structures can serve many purposes, including shielding you from the sizzling sun to cool you off, or as a way to section off an area to serve as an outdoor living room or kitchen area. 

Regardless of how you plan to use your cabana, there are many different styles and ways to incorporate it into your pool area. 

Open Concept

Cabanas that are open on all sides are ideal for those hot Texan summers. You’ll get plenty of shade, but the open concept will allow for plenty of natural breezes for you to still enjoy the outdoors. 

Resort-Style Cabanas

There’s no need to book an expensive resort when you can bring one home to your own backyard. Consider decking out your cabana to make it look like a deluxe resort down south.

Cabana/Gazebo Combination

If you’re looking to create somewhat of an outdoor room or structure in your backyard, you may consider a cabana that is partly enclosed and semi-open. It will still give you a lot of shade and natural breezes, but it will provide you with more privacy. 

You may even want to fully enclose the cabana with glass sliders so that you can entertain and lounge no matter the weather. The structure may even incorporate an outdoor washroom for the ultimate in convenience. 

Sunken Floor Cabana

Your open concept cabana doesn’t necessarily have to be level with your pool. A sunken cabana can provide you with a sense of coziness that can be equipped with built-in seating areas outfitted with cushions and warm lighting for the perfect space to chill and relax with friends and family.

If you’re looking to build a cabana to accompany your backyard pool, get in touch with your trusted Austin pool builders today!