You may have already had a swimming pool installed by your local Austin pool builders. But you may now be wondering if you can add a spa to your pool after it’s already been built.

After enjoying some time in your pool, you may have wished that you had incorporated a spa into the design and installation of your swimming pool. The good news is, it’s certainly possible to add a spa to your existing Austin pool.

When you do take the next steps to have your spa installed, consider whether you’d like it adjacent to your pool, or actually attached so that it spills over into your pool. There are pros and cons to each that you should consider.

Spillover Spas

Consider the following perks and drawbacks of a spillover spa:


  • Easy to move from your pool to your spa
  • Personalize the spa to complement your pool and surrounding landscaping
  • Convenient on a chillier evening
  • Pool and spa water can be tested at the same time


  • A shared pump that stops working will impact both the pool and spa at the same time
  • More energy required to manage water temperature
  • Spa location could be inconvenient

Separate Spas

Spas that are not directly attached to your pool have their pros and cons as well.


  • More cost-effective 
  • Can fit in tighter spaces
  • Can be moved if required


  • Not as durable 
  • Separate water testing required

No matter what type of spa you opt for, make sure you call in your trusted Austin pool builder to help with the design and installation process of your new spa!