Considerations to Make Before Planting in Your Pool Landscaping

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Pool Builders Austin Texas, swimming pool builders Austin Texas | 0 comments

Your Austin swimming pool can be the center point of your backyard, but adding some greenery around it can make it that much better. But before you start planting, consider the following first. 

Avoid Messy Plants and Trees

Skimming out all the leaves and pine needles that trees often drop in pools can be a real nuisance. Consider planting greenery that isn’t prone to making a huge mess. 

Consider What Your Plants Will Be Like in the Future

Lush greenery in the backyard surrounding your pool is nice, but certain types of plants and trees can grow so big that they can easily overcrowd the space. Be mindful of what the greenery will be like at full growth before you start planting. 

Choose Plants That Can Tolerate Pool Chemicals 

Even if your pool has a salt-water system, some types of plants may be sensitive to it. As such, you may want to consider planting varieties that are tolerant to the pool chemicals you add to the water.

Go With Drought-Resistant Plants

Given the extreme heat that is characteristic of Austin, Texas, you may be better off going with drought-resistant plants that don’t need constant watering or attention to look lush and healthy. 

Understand the Roots of the Plants and Trees You Choose

Trees that have deep root systems can cause damage to your pool structure and any surrounding hardscaping as they grow. Avoid trees with such invasive root systems to ensure the integrity of your pool structure is upheld for the long haul. 

A professional Austin pool builder will be able to help provide suggestions when it comes to the best landscaping ideas for your pool that is aesthetically pleasing and does not require an overabundance of maintenance.