Every homeowner wants a stunning pool. Water features are an excellent addition to any poolside backyard. Flowing water not only enhances a tranquil atmosphere, it also adds a sense of fun and elegance to the pool. An Austin pool builder can provide you with the design and installation of custom projects.

Although most of these features are best installed during the construction phase, most of them can be installed during remodeling while others can be added to existing pools. Some of the common water features include:


Available in different lengths and designs, waterfalls are a great way to create a centerpiece for your pool. Rock waterfalls are made from different types of natural rocks and are often paired with freeform pool designs.  A waterfall can be large or small depending on the look you want. For flat yards, an 18″ waterfall along the entire length of the pool looks best. If there is elevation to play with a larger waterfall on one side of the pool may look better. What’s more, you can add different lighting effects to enhance the look and feel of your in ground pool.


Sheer descent water features are common with modern pool designs and feature a thin glass like sheet of water that comes out from a narrow opening. These are paired well with geometric designs.


These are small jets on the floor of the deck that are meant to create a stream of water that bubbles. Water stream height can vary. You can also choose LED lighted bubblers to create an amazing water show.


Another great water feature that adds an elegant touch to your pool is a fountain. Fountains look great on formal or roman style pools.

Deck jets

These are strong glass like streams of water that come from the decking surrounding your pool. Also called laiminars, these jets have a sleek uniform look and can be used in any type of design. Moreover, you can add LED lights to make the experience even more exotic.

Water slides

Slides, while often expensive, allow your kids to have fun at the pool. There are different options available depending on your space and budget needs.

These are some of the water features you can add to your in-ground pool. Consult an Austin pool building company to learn more about other water features available.