Austin gets an average amount of rainfall compared to other parts of the country. May through September tend to be the months when you’ll see a little more rain than other times of the year. And just like in other centers across the nation, at times precipitation can be pretty heavy in Austin. 

The question is, does all that rainfall affect swimming pools? And if so, how?

Sure, we need some precipitation to keep vegetation healthy, but depending on how much rain falls within a short period of time, it could throw things off for your swimming pool. More specifically, heavy downpours of rain can negatively impact pool water, which is why it’s important to take specific steps to protect your swimming pool. 

In particular, it’s the chemistry of the pool water that can be thrown off. In fact, it can be tough to keep your pool water in proper balance even when the weather is ideal. And adding rainwater into the equation can make things a bit difficult. 

After a particularly heavy downpour, it’s important to deal with your pool right afterward to ensure that the pool water chemistry is properly balanced. Rainwater has a specific amount of acidity that can tamper with the pool water chemistry. 

The total alkalinity can decrease as it attempts to keep up with a certain pH level. If this level falls out of optimal range, the pool water might not be too healthy for bathers, especially when it comes to the eyes and skin. 

In addition, rainwater can leave all sorts of unpleasantries in the water, including dirt, leaves, and other debris. This will not only throw off your pool water’s chemistry, but it’ll leave you with a mess to have to clean afterward. 

Be sure to always have the proper pool equipment and chemicals available on hand, and call your local Austin TX swimming pool builder when you have some assistance tending to your pool!