Does Your Austin Swimming Pool Need to be Remodeled?

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

If you have a pool that’s getting up there in age, it’s possible that it might need a facelift. Even though the quality of materials and installation might be top-notch, wear and tear can impact swimming pools.

Further, the design that you might have come up with when your pool was first installed might be out-of-date today. In these cases, it might be time for your pool to be renovated by a trusted Austin pool builder.

The Equipment

One of the first components of swimming pools that need to be repaired or replaced is the equipment. Ask your Austin pool builder if replacing older equipment will benefit you with newer innovative features and more efficient parts. Having a more automated system is certainly a nice thing, as is saving money thanks to a more energy-efficient system.

The Surrounding Surface

The condition of the surface around and in your pool should be looked at in great detail to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. That includes any pool tiles and coping. Even if they’re in decent condition, they might look outdated and even worn a little, in which case a pool renovation might be warranted. These surfaces are important to your pool’s overall look and functionality, so giving them the attention they need is essential.

The Hardscaping

Something to discuss with your Austin pool builder is all the hardscaping around your pool – including your patio, deck, and walkways – They may need to be addressed if there are any loose stones, cracked stones, or unevenness. Not only is your hardscaping important to the overall look of your pool, it’s also a safety issue if it’s not in the best condition.

If your pool is in need of a remodel, be sure to call in trusted pool builders in Austin Texas to get the job done right. At Reliant Pools, you can rest assured knowing that your swimming pool remodel or installation job is in good hands. Call to book a consultation!