Having your own swimming pool in the backyard of your Austin home gives you the freedom to take a dip any time you please. Plus, you’ll always know that your pool is in tip-top shape without having to worry about water chemistry, bacteria, or algae roaming free.

That’s exactly the type of issue you’ll have to deal with if you rely on public pools to stay cool this summer and enjoy a little pool time. According to a recent newspaper article, many pools in Texas are closed because of health violations. 

Several Texas Pools in Health Violations Ordered Closed

Considering how many people share the same body of water in a public pool, it’s essential that health inspectors visit pools and scope them out in great detail to make sure they’re safe enough for swimming in. Unfortunately, health inspectors in Texas have found dozens of pools in violation of health and safety protocols and have ordered them closed as a result. 

That leaves many people looking to enjoy time frolicking in the water and escaping the heat without any luck. But you can easily avoid this problem with your very own swimming pool in your home’s backyard!

Install Your Own Pool in Your Home’s Backyard

At Reliant Pools, we’ll install pools of all shapes and sizes, no matter the size and configuration of the backyard. We work closely with our clients to provide them with a swimming pool that matches their needs and tastes while sticking to their budget. Every project we undertake is unique, so we’re heavily experienced in installing pools in Austin that aren’t just your average cookie cutter pool.

If you’re ready to equip your home’s outdoor space with a pool, get in touch with your trusted Austin swimming pool builder today!