A pool requires a lot more than just a shell and a ton of water. In order to regulate the temperature of the water, keep the pump and filter running, and get all those fancy lights and water features running, you’ll need some electricity to operate the pool built by a reputable Austin pool builder. The question is, is your current electrical panel capable of continuing to run your pool and all its components, or does it require an upgrade?


Will Your Pool Require an Upgrade to Your Electrical Service?

The ultimate answer to this question can only be provided by a licensed electrician after visiting your home and analyzing your electrical system. That said, there are some guidelines that you can follow to identify whether or not a service upgrade might be necessary.

For starters, open the panel box or boxes to see the number of spaces available. If the panel is full of breakers without any free spaces, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you require a service upgrade.

There may be options including installing tandem breakers which combine two 15 amp breakers in one space, or maybe installing a sub-panel which could draw from your existing service and provide more space for additional breakers.

If there are some open spaces in the panel, you’ll probably be able to handle a typical pool pump and lights. However, if you plan on adding a hot tub or other equipment to your pool built by an Austin pool builder that requires a lot of energy, an electrician may need to come in and establish what’s required.

Various pool components use different amounts of electricity. Your panel requirements will depend on on what your pool has.

If it’s determined that an electrical panel upgrade is needed, be sure to contact your Austin pool builder to have this work done in order to ensure a safe and proper job.