Equipment manufacturers

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Everyone likes to say they use the best equipment, but since not all pool builders use the same equipment, this cannot be true.  However, there is truly very little difference between the top line products of most manufacturers.  The three major brands of pool equipment are Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy.  All three of these companies make high quality products, as well as less high quality  products, and asking which is better is like asking whether BMW or Mercedes makes a better car.  Most pool builders use their favored brand because a) they are more familiar with it, b) they get better pricing, and/or c) they have a better relationship with the vendor.  Because the equipment is similar in quality, this is not a problem, and can result in favorable circumstances for the customer, whether it’s cost savings or ease of service.

The trick is knowing what the manufacture’s top of the line equipment is, because this is where you can get in some trouble.  Like I said, they all make high quality products, and not as high quality products.  To use the automobile analogy, GM makes Cadillacs and Corvettes, but they also made the Geo.  Make sure you check the manufacturer’s website and research the equipment that is specified by your builder for your project to make sure it is what you want.

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David Akins

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