Factors That Determine the Cost of a Plunge Pool in Austin, TX

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Just because you may have a smaller backyard doesn’t mean you have to forego your dreams of having your own swimming pool. Austin pool builders can work with just about any space to create the perfect backyard pool that suits your home. And plunge pools might be the perfect match.

What is a plunge pool, and what goes into the overall cost of having one installed?

What is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is a smaller pool that’s usually very deep. It’s designed for the purposes of diving, jumping in, and wading around in the pool enjoying leisurely time in the cool waters. They’re also great for exercising, though they’re not suitable for doing laps given the smaller lengths.

Factors That Go Into the Cost of Building a Plunge Pool

The overall price you’ll pay to have a plunge pool built by Austin pool builders will depend on the following factors:

  • Pool size. One of the more obvious factors that plays a role in the cost of pool installation is the size of the pool. Generally speaking, the larger the pool, the more expensive it will be. 
  • Pool shape. A more intricate and complex pool shape will take more time and effort to design and install, which will influence the final price tag. 
  • Pool materials. Concrete pools are more expensive than vinyl or fiberglass. 
  • Pool location. Areas that are more difficult to access or excavate will cost more in labor. 
  • Labor. Speaking of labor, you’ll need to pay your Austin pool contractors for their time and work. The longer and more complicated the job is, the more expensive it will be. 
  • Permits. You’ll need to get permits to legally install your pool, which can cost a few hundred dollars or more to obtain. 
  • Site excavation. The site of the pool will require proper preparation to level the area and remove any obstacles. Then, the pool area will need to be excavated to make room for the installation of the pool materials. 

If you’re ready to transform your backyard, call your trusted Austin pool builders today!