When it comes to having a pool installed by an Austin swimming pool builder, there are plenty of factors to consider and choices to make, including the shape of the pool. 

More specifically, there are geometric shapes and natural shapes to choose from. The question is, which one should you pick?

Geometric and Natural Shape Pools

What’s the difference between a geometric pool and a natural pool?

Geometric pools. These types of pools are either in the shape of a rectangle or square and have ridged edges and corners. They’re very common among homeowners looking install in-ground swimming pools in their backyards, especially for those who appreciate a more classic look and symmetrical lines. These types of pools never go out of style, and layouts can be as simple or intricate as the homeowner chooses. 

Natural pools. Swimming pools with a more freeform shape have become increasingly popular over the years. Homeowners who choose these shapes may be looking for something with a more relaxed style that mimics natural bodies of water found out in the wild. These pools can be shaped in any way to suit the tastes of the homeowner and the shape of the backyard. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Geometric and Natural Pool

There are a few things to think about before choosing between a geometric or natural pool:

Yard size. Geometric pools fit well in small or large yards. That said, if your yard is on the smaller side, a geometric pool might fit better. Because of their odd shapes, natural pools are usually better suited for larger spaces that can accommodate the amount of space needed to install them. Geometric swimming pools, on the other hand, can fit just about anywhere. 

Purpose of use. Consider what you’ll be using your Austin swimming pool for. Will you be swimming laps or playing volleyball in the water? Will you be adding a diving board or just be using the pool to soak in? These are the questions you’ll need to answer when deciding on a pool shape and design. 

Style. At the end of the day, you should choose a pool design that suits your tastes. If you have a vision in mind of a certain style and shape, then go with that, as long as it fits in with the size of your yard. Both geometric and natural pools can be customized and formed to suit your taste.

Get in touch with your trusted Austin swimming pool builder to help you decide which pool shape and design to adorn your home’s backyard with!