High-End Features to Add to Your Pool

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Pool Builder Austin Texas | 0 comments

No pool design is complete without a few luxury features to really bring out its elegance. Here are a few luxury pool features you may want you to consider when installing or revamping your pool.


Much like entering the waters of the ocean, a zero-entry feature on a pool mimics what you’ll find in Mother Nature. This type of entry gradually increases in water depth, so getting into your pool feels very natural. It’s especially handy for families with small kids or anyone who likes hanging out in shallow water.

Sun Shelf

A sun shelf lets you sunbathe while allowing the water to keep you cool. Submerged just a few inches, half your body will be within the water, and the other half will be enjoying the sun’s rays. Sun shelves are the perfect place to lounge without roasting under the heat of the sun! You can even add your lounge chairs or install an umbrella to top things off. 

Fire and Water

Fire pits don’t have to be restricted to grassy areas. Instead, you can add a fire pit right in your pool! There’s nothing like mixing fire and water, two elements that you wouldn’t typically pair up. But the results are stunning.

LED Lights 

Turn your pool into a work of art by adding LED lights within the water. With the push of a button, you can change the colors of the lights to your liking, or have them change on cue automatically. There’s nothing like light emanating from within water, especially when enjoying your Austin pool at night. 

Water Features

Waterfalls are nothing new in the world of custom Austin swimming pools, but they are a staple in luxury pool features. There’s no comparing the serenity and visual appeal of an elegant waterfall to really amp up the look and feel of your luxury pool. Cascading waters hit all the senses, making them an extremely popular feature in luxury pool design.

Need more ideas on how to give your pool a visual and functional boost? Get a reliable and experienced Austin pool builder to help, and enjoy the rest of the summer days enjoying your backyard pool!