HOA Swimming Pool Approvals Round Rock Texas

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

Typically homeowners assume that city permitting in Round Rock will be the biggest bureaucratic hurdle to jump through when putting in a swimming pool, however often times, it is the home owners association that holds up the progress of starting on your new pool project. HOA requirements surprisingly vary quite a bit throughout the various neighborhoods of Round Rock, Texas. Typical requirements we encounter are set backs from the fence line of 5 to 7.5 feet and no structures above the fence line without approval. Some of the stricter Round Rock HOA’s will want paint, decking, roofing, and material choices to be approved by them as well. Almost all HOA’s claim to have 30 days to review and approve or deny your swimming pool application. Some have been known to take longer by denying your application on day 29 and claiming they have another 30 to approve the revisions, however this is rare, and a time when the homeowner needs to seek resolutions to their lack of productivity. In fact I would say there is a direct correlation to the homeowners interest in the HOA’s timely response and the turn around time as they are the only ones that can represent themselves to the HOA. Please keep in mind that most of the time you will receive your swimming pool approval within 2 weeks or less. Still, in our experience it always better to prepare for an uncompromising HOA in order to get your swimming pool started and built on time.

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