How Pool Covers Save You Time & Money

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Many pool owners don’t think about one of the most beneficial add ons to their pools – pool covers. There are a TON of reasons to have a pool cover, but we’ ll only go over the most important ones in this post. These include how pool covers

  • Reduce Pool Maintenance Workload
  • Help the Environment
  • Improve Safety for your Family

Pool Covers Reduce Maintenance

Pool covers are helpful for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest way it helps your pool maintenance is because it greatly reduces the amount of debris in your pool.

The biggest reason people clean their pools is to get rid of debris! Whether it is dirt, leaves, or rocks every pool owner wants these things gone. Even if you have an automatic pool cleaner you still need to manually get rid of the debris on the surface, steps, and sometimes the pool walls.

Less Chemicals and Helping the Environment

We all know less chemicals in the environment is a good thing. Pools have tons of chemicals, but pool covers can help you greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

One factor that makes pools need more chemicals is when debris enters the pool which changes the chemical composition and pH level of your pool. An imbalance of chemicals / bad pH level can cause algae to form, which can be unattractive and a pain to get rid of.

While rocks and sticks don’t make huge differences to your pH levels, leaves, insects, and other things that decompose easily in water will rapidly change the pH level in your pool!

Because pool covers reduce the amount of debris in your pool you’ll not only need to check the pH levels of your pool less frequently, but also need to use less chemicals such as chlorine. According to the US government you can reduce the chemicals required by 35%-60% which is a lot.

If you’re like most chlorine pool owners you spend a few hundred dollars a year on this part of maintenance so using a pool cover can definitely save you a lot of money – especially adding up over the years.

Pool Covers Reduce Evaporation

Pool covers also help you save time & money by reducing the amount of evaporation your pool experiences. When your pool water evaporates you’re probably refilling it with water from the hose. While there is nothing wrong with that since you are adding water you’ll also need to add additional chemicals to maintain the pH level of your pool.

Because pool covers reduce the refill water amount by 30-50% (again, according to the US government) this will help reduce the amount of money spent on refilling your water, though it’s probably not as much as the money you are saving on chemicals.

Pool Covers Improve Your Family’s Safety

Every year there are tons of kids that drown in pools. Two recent cases include this one about a 3-year-old and this one about an 8-year-old. While pools are a source of enjoyment and escape from the heat, they also pose a danger.

While pool covers are up it is almost impossible to drown in the pool. Pool covers cover the pool and can often hold the weight of several adults at a time. This way, even if a young child or pet steps on the pool covers they’ll be safe and secure instead of potentially drowning.

There are other alternatives to pool safety, but having a pool cover is the most sure-fire method.

Wrapping Up

Pool covers are useful in a lot of different ways. They reduce the maintenance for your pool, help the environment, and even make your family safer. With all these benefits there is no reason you shouldn’t get one. Contact a nearby provider today, or if you are near Austin then you want to cover the best in the business – Austin Pool Builders | Reliant Pools

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