There are so many design elements that you need to think about when coming up with the perfect luxury pool for your backyard. But one of the most important is the actual shape of the pool. Before you bring in Austin Texas pool builders to start construction, it’s imperative that you consider certain factors, including how you’d like the pool to be shaped. These days, pools come in several different shapes and sizes that you may never have even thought of, and you can literally create any shape you want to suit your backyard and your tastes. Rectangular-Shaped Pools Rectangular-shaped pools are classic shapes and are very popular among homeowners. This shape features clean 90-degree corners and is ideal for just about any type of swimming activity, including water aerobics and sports. Pool owners can even soften the edges by rounding off the corners. These types of shapes fit the average property and are easier to find pool covers for. L-Shaped Pools L-shaped pools make a great choice for those who want to encompass all sorts of different swimming activities, including playing, sports activities, and swimming laps. There are also “Lazy-L shaped” pools that look like a rectangular shape with some space for pool entry and lap swimming. That way there’s no need for lap swimmers and those who want to relax to cross paths and disturb each other. Roman and Grecian-Shaped Pools These types of pool shapes are named according to ancient architecture and make both a classic and an upscale choice for homeowners. Grecian-shaped pools are rectangular in shape with 90-degree angled corners that are modified, while Roman-shaped pools are similar in design but feature a curved edge. Of course, the design can be tailored to your needs and personal style. To help you decide on the ideal shape for your pool, be sure to consult with professional Austin Texas swimming pool builders today!