How to design for sloped yards

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In many areas of Austin, Texas, most yards have some amount of slope to them.  On average, this not more than about four feet.  This slope can be addressed several different ways.  As an example, let’s say there is a three foot slope down from your back patio to the back edge of your pool project.  We can start the pool at the back patio level, but then the back edge of the pool will be three feet out of the ground, plus any decking that might be back there.  You could drop the pool to the lowest level, but that could require a series of retaining walls that can be very costly, and you would have to step down three feet to access your pool.  What I have found to be the most cost effective, and generally the most attractive solution to the slope issue is to set your pool elevation somewhere in the middle, maybe 18″ below your patio level.  This positioning will allow for some creative ways to handle the slope, without it  all being at the front or the back end.  This will also allow you to achieve slight elevation changes throughout the design, which creates areas of interest.  The other advantage is that by breaking it up into smaller elevation changes, the necessity for handrails is eliminated or at least reduced.  Speak with your contractor / designer to get ideas on how to best address your particular situation.

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David Akins

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