Imagine being able to catch a big game, watch a movie under the stars, or simply view your favorite television program outside by the pool. Homeowners add all sorts of features to their outdoor spaces, and TVs are becoming an increasingly popular one. Adding an outdoor TV to your pool area can be a great way to boost your living area and outdoor experience.  

But before you add a TV outside, there are a few important things to know first.

Make Sure the TV Can Withstand the Elements 

Since the TV will be mounted outside, it should be able to handle certain conditions, or else it risks being ruined. For instance, it should be able to withstand water from the pool or from the odd rain shower. 

Further, it should be shaded from the sun to avoid potential damage from UV rays. Plus, you’ll want some shade over the TV so you can view the screen more clearly. 

You’ll want to make sure that the remote control and all cables are also weatherproof, since they’ll be exposed to the outdoor environment as well. You may also want to choose a TV that has covers or guards on the inputs and outputs to help prevent any dust, pollen, or insects from getting in there and causing damage.

Consider a TV Enclosure

If you don’t already have some form of shade structure, you may want to consider installing one. Not only will it be great for your TV, but it can also add more functionality and style to your backyard. A sunroom, enclosed patio, or pergola are a few options when adding a TV to your backyard. Just make sure that no moisture can get into the space.

Adding a Sound System

If you really want to make the most of your outdoor TV, you may also want to add a sound system to complete your outdoor entertainment area. If you do, however, you’ll want to consider the acoustics, since they don’t exist in the same way as they do inside your home. 

When it comes to adding acoustics, a soundbar can help. That way, you can hear your TV over any neighborhood noise, traffic, or kids playing. You can mount the soundbar right under the TV, so be sure to choose a cabinet that has enough space for the soundbar underneath.

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