Having a property sprinkled with mature trees can provide your home with plenty of shade from the sizzling sun, not to mention beautiful landscaping to complement your home’s exterior. But as pretty as all those trees are, they can become a hurdle if you’re planning on having a pool installed. Luckily, this obstacle can easily be overcome with the help of an experienced swimming pool builder Austin, TX.

Keep in mind some trees are protected by the city of Austin, you can read more about that in our blog concerning critical root zones in Austin.

Here are a few considerations that need to be made before having your pool installed.

Which Trees Should You Get Rid of?

The answer to this question depends on your end goal. If you really want to cut down on overall maintenance, then remove as many trees as you can. You also need to consider the type and amount of debris that the trees produce. For instance, fruit trees should be eliminated for obvious reasons.

If you want some shade over your pool, consider where it will be positioned and leave some trees planted nearby.

Will the Tree Roots Damage the Pool and Surrounding Hardscaping?

In terms of your pool, this will depend on the type of trees you have. Usually, it takes about 10 years of root growth before any encroachment and subsequent damage can be done by expanding trees. Generally speaking, however, concrete pools should be able to withstand growing tree roots. That said, the deck around the pool could be impacted.

Can Trees Be Cut Down After the Pool is Installed?

Yes, you will be able to remove any trees after your pool has been installed by a trusted swimming pool builder, Austin, TX. However, it will be a much more costly job given the fact that it’s a tougher one. The tree expert will essentially need to work around the swimming pool. Ideally, the area should be rid of any unwanted trees before your pool is installed.

In any case, be sure to employ the services of a reputable swimming pool builder Austin, TX to have your pool installed in your home.