Is Buying a pool right before the holidays a good idea?

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Austin Pool Builders, Swimming Pool Education | 0 comments

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on what is important to you as a consumer.  If cost is the primary issue, you can usually get some good deals because it is traditionally a slow season for pool builders, and they may offer discounts.  If time of construction is a major issue, you might want to wait until after the holidays to start your project, at least in areas of the country where the labor force is largely comprised of immigrants.  As an Austin pool builder, I have found that a large percentage of the laborers go home to Mexico for a couple of weeks for the holidays, which may result in a longer build time.  In addition, many city offices are closed, as well as numerous other  businesses that can slow the process as well.  What I recommend is to get your paperwork done prior to the holidays, but wait to start construction until after.  This way you get the preliminaries handled, but don’t have construction in your yard during the holidays, and you will be ready to began immediately following the new year.

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David Akins

Reliant Pools