Ideally, you’ll have all the space in the world to work with in your backyard to install a swimming pool with the help of your local Austin swimming pool builders. Plus, there are all sorts of landscaping features and other amenities that you can add to your pool area to make it a truly comfortable paradise outdoors. But what if you don’t have much room in your backyard? What if square footage is limited?

Does that mean you should forgo your dreams of installing a pool? Or would it still be worth it to have a pool installed? 

It’s definitely worth it to add a pool to a small backyard. Experienced pool builders in Austin have the expertise and know-how to make a small pool work. In fact, there may even be some benefits to having a smaller swimming pool, including the following.

Less Upfront Cost

Since there’s a lot fewer materials used in the construction of a smaller pool, the upfront installation costs will be less compared to a larger pool. There may even be lower costs associated with other pool-related things. 

For instance, while a pool heater is rarely needed for the Austin climate, some pool owners prefer to have a pool heater so they can regulate the temperature of the water precisely. But with a much smaller body of water, a pool heater is likely never needed at all, which can significantly cut down on upkeep costs. 

Less Maintenance

It goes without saying, but a smaller pool means less work required to maintain it. With less water, you won’t need as many chemicals to keep the water in proper chemical balance. In  turn, you won’t have to run the filter for as long. And if you ever need to renovate the pool at some point in the future, it will cost a lot less. 

More Space For Other Features

Perhaps you have a bit more room to work with when it comes to installing a swimming pool. But maybe you’d rather save that extra space for other features. In this case, a smaller pool may work in your favor. You’ll then have the freedom to add all sorts of goodies, like gazebos, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and other items that will make your backyard a true oasis.  for other things

If you’re looking at installing a smaller pool in your home, get in touch with your trusted Austin pool builders today!