You’ve always dreamed of having a pool in your own backyard where you can enjoy endless hot days frolicking in the water with your friends and family. But perhaps your backyard is a bit on the small side, and you’re wondering if it has enough room to fit a pool.

The good news is that even backyards that are bit on the small side may still be big enough to house a swimming pool. Here are a few answers to common questions about backyard sizes and swimming pool installation.

What Size Should a Pool Be?

This is a tough question to answer as every backyard is uniquely sized. That said, it’s typically suggested that a swimming pool should take up no more than one-third of a backyard. While you want your swimming pool to be a focal point of your yard, it shouldn’t take up all the space. 

That will leave you with no room to add other elements, such as chairs and tables. Plus, a pool that takes up the whole yard can be a safety issue. 

What Shape Do You Want Your Pool To Be?

Certain pool shapes may need more space to accommodate them. For smaller yards, odd-shaped pools, like kidney shape, circles, and even squares may be best, as they allow you to shape your pool according to the specs of your backyard.

How Deep Do You Want Your Pool To Be?

If you want to have a deep end, you’ll need enough space to accommodate a slightly larger-sized pool. Otherwise, if space is tight, you can always go with a pool that’s just deep enough to give you space to dip in and cool off without a deep end that would allow for diving. 

What Are the Rules in Your Jurisdiction?

When installing a swimming pool in your Austin home, you’ll need to ensure that you are building according to the building laws in your location. For instance, there may be rules surrounding the minimum distance that is allowed between your swimming pool and your property line. 

Make sure you check with your local jurisdiction before having your pool installed, or else call your local Austin swimming pool builder to take all that guesswork out of the job for you.