Keep Up With the Latest Trends in Swimming Pool Features and Design in Austin, TX

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Austin Pool Builders, Pool Builder Austin Texas, Pool Builders Austin Texas, swimming pool builders Austin Texas | 0 comments

There are plenty of awesome reasons to call Texas home, and one of the best reasons is the amazing climate. Unlike the neighbors to the north, residents of Texas can enjoy pool weather any time of the year. That means you’ll get greater returns by having a backyard pool compared to chillier parts of the country. 

If you’ve already got a pool at your disposal, fantastic. But look closer: does it need a little updating? If so, you might want to pay attention to some of the trends in swimming pool landscaping that your fellow homeowners are incorporating into their backyard retreats when updating your pool.

Knife-Edge Infinity Pools

We’re all familiar with infinity pools: water spills over the edge and is caught in a catchment basin. But have you heard of ‘knife-edge’ pools? With these pools, water spills not only over just one edge, but all edges of the pool. This really makes your swimming pool look and feel more like the beach.

Automatic Pool Covers

While you might not necessarily need to cover your pool at night or during the winter months to keep the water warm given the warm climate of the state, pool covers do have their place. For example, they can keep debris out, maximize safety for small kids and pets, and minimize water evaporation on particularly hot days.

Rather than going through the hassle of manually putting them on and taking them off, an automatic pool cover can take the labor work out of this task.

Underwater Windows

Depending on the configuration and space of your backyard, you may have the ability to have windows installed underwater. And for those who are a little more adventurous, entire sides of the pool or even the bottom of the pool can be outfitted with clear material that gives bathers the added benefit of seeing outside of the pool while submerged. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the features you can add to your pool. It all comes down to your imagination and the skill of your trusted Austin, TX swimming pool builder!