Light Up Your Pool With These Creative Options

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Austin Pool Builders, Round Rock Pool Builder | 0 comments

Just like the way you decorate your house with certain fixtures, adding lights to your pool is a great way to ensure that your pool stands out.  Buying your pool lights is a big investment and one of the most expensive pool accessories you’re ever going to buy. It is therefore, important to evaluate your options before making any rushed purchases. Keep in mind spending a little money upfront on long lasting lighting will pay off in the long run on electricity and replacement costs.

Types of lights Available

While the cheapest lighting available is having a single lighting fixture in one deep end to illuminate light over the entire pool surface, there are some lighting systems that can be programmed to minimize glare, create ambiance, and offer different colors.

Some of the common pool lights include:

LED pool lights

Regarded as one of the most popular pool lighting option, LED lights are not only energy efficient, they are also available in different colors and last longer compared to other lights. LED lights can be added to any pool type and can be strategically placed around the pool to create a stunning lighting effect.

In addition, these lights are inexpensive when you factor in they can last for up to 15 years. The only drawback with LED lights, as with any pool light, is that they are hard to change and may require an expertise of an Austin pool builder.

Fiber Optic Pool Lights

These type of lights are ideal for anyone looking to enhance their swimming pool experience. Fiber optic lights can be installed around your pool, under water, as a star floor on your beach entry, or within a waterfall. They are also available in multiple colors and require less time to replace compared to LED lights as the bulb is housed outside of the pool )connected to the fibers.)  The only downside with these type of lights is that they are costly.

Halogen lights

This type of light used to be the most popular in the past and can be installed in ground and above ground. Although they are affordable, these lighting fixtures are not energy efficient and you have no options to choose from in terms of colors.

Landscape lighting is meant to increase safety and create an ambiance over your pool and deck area. An Austin pool builder can recommend the best lighting elements both inside and around your pool. For a breathtaking and more unique design, you can select special lighting features such as fountains and back lit waterfalls.

Getting pool lights can enhance your mood and overall swimming experience. Although this may be one of the most expensive pool accessories you’ll ever purchase, the experience is worth every dime. Contact an Austin pool building contractor today for all your pool needs.