Every pool owner in Austin TX knows how important it is to keep a regular maintenance schedule. One of the worst things a pool owner can do is neglect to stay on top of regular maintenance of their swimming pool. 

Sure, it can be easy to forget about checking pool water chemistry, checking on the skimmer, or vacuuming floors and walls. But if you want your pool to stay in good shape and look good for the long haul, adopting a regular pool maintenance schedule is crucial. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Every day, you should be doing the following:

Emptying the skimmer basket. You’d be amazed at how quickly and how much your pool skimmer basket can pick up from the water on a daily basis. From leaves, to bugs, to pet hair and beyond, these baskets do a lot to collect all that debris and should be cleaned out each day as a result. 


Here are some things you should be doing on a weekly basis.

Dealing with algae. The growth of algae can happen very quickly and easily, and it can be a real pain. To minimize the odds of algae growth, you’ll need to treat and eliminate it as required, ideally on a weekly basis.

Check on pool water chemistry. It’s essential that the chlorine and pH levels of your pool water are in proper balance. And if you and your family use your pool every day, then you may want to make sure the chemistry is in balance before your swim.


Here are some things you should do every month.

Shock the pool. No matter which way you treat your pool water, adopting a shock treatment on a regular basis may be worth it, especially if the pool is used frequently or your area experiences a major storm that can throw the balance of the pool water off.

If you’re looking for help maintaining your pool or want to revamp or install a brand new pool, get in touch with your trusted Austin swimming pool builders today!