Narrow Landscaping, Impervious Coverage Issues? Consider Installing a Lap Pool

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Austin Pool Builders, Leander Pool Builders, Round Rock Pool Builder, round rock swimming pool builders, swimming pool builders Austin Texas | 0 comments

Have you dreamed of having a swimming pool in your own backyard but the space is far too narrow or your City of Austin impervious coverage is too small to permit one? Don’t forego that dream just yet, because it can become reality with the installation of a lap pool!


While generally a swimming pool, a lap pool is much narrower and is used primarily for health and fitness purposes. They’re typically long and narrow, and are ideally at least 40 feet in length. However, aside from fitness reasons, more and more homeowners are choosing to have lap pools installed in their backyards simply as an alternative to a traditional pool when space doesn’t permit.


These days, lot sizes and shapes don’t have to stand in the way of having a pool installed. With more innovative designs, Austin, Texas swimming pool builders are able to come up with specific designs that are custom-made to suit and fit into just about any type of backyard. You can have the pool of your dreams built to accommodate the specific size of your backyard.


Considerations to Make For Your Lap Pool


If a lap pool sounds like something that would be perfectly suited for your yard, consider the following before having one installed:


▪         Install an integrated spa if the space permits, which can add to the enjoyment of your pool.

▪         Add LED lights to improve the aesthetics of the pool and create a warm and inviting ambiance to the attire outdoor space.

▪         Spruce up the pool by adding a water feature with fountains or spray jets

▪         Install a decorative and functional bridge to provide easy access from one side of the pool to the other. This will allow you to keep the pool as long as possible by providing an alternative way to get around the backyard.


If you’re thinking of adding a lap pool to your backyard in order to economize the space, contact your trusted Austin swimming pool builders today!