Natural Stone Decking Considerations For Your Pool

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Austin Pool Builders | 0 comments

The area surrounding your pool is one of the essential aspects of your backyard. It’s not only an area where people meet up, it’s also an area that redefines your pool’s style and personality. You can choose from different natural and manmade materials to create an extraordinary pool deck. However, nothing beats natural stone’s ability to transform a normal deck into a sophisticated pool area.

Some of the popular natural stone types to consider include:


For anyone looking to build a high end pool deck, travertine would be an excellent option. Used even in the ancient times, travertine is known for its hard, yet beautiful nature. Austin pool builders love this material due to its porous nature and its ability to remain cool. Tumbled travertine stone decks are typically slip free. Furthermore, it is virtually maintenance free, wash it off with a garden hose from time to time.

You can choose from various shades such as light brown, gold, brown and ivory. Art lovers will adore these types of deck due to their luxurious and rich look and feel. Additionally, you can choose from 3 finishes –polished, tumbled, and honed.

Leuder stone

Leuder stone is a harder form of limestone found deeper in the earth. It comes in shades from grays to browns. Leuder gives a uniform concrete look that lends itself well to geometric designs. The downside to leuder, being in the limestone family, it is more prone to scratching, pitting, and deteriorating over time. Typically homeowners will use a sealer on this stone to help it weather time. It is however the most affordable stone option when compared with travertine.


Flagstone is a popular deck material rich in textures and earth toned colors.  Furthermore, it resists moisture, provides a non-slip surface and can withstand everyday use. Its low maintenance, natural look, and durability makes flagstone famous among Texas homeowners.

These are some of the natural stone decking options you can consider for your pools cape. Consult an Austin pool building company to learn more on what would work for you based on your budget and needs.