What is a Negative Edge Swimming Pool?

Luxurious and sophisticated, a negative edge pool provides a stunning element to any backyard. This type of pool design mimicks the look and feel of the beach merging gradually into the ocean. Rather than stepping into the pool, you essentially integrate within the water gradually as you would on the beach. The water that flows over the pool’s edge produces a relaxing effect of having no boundaries.

Also known as a vanishing edge pool, infinity pool, or disappearing edge pool, a negative edge pool can truly transform your backyard into an oasis.

Construction of a Negative Edge Pool

Installing a negative edge swimming pool by pool builders Austin involves plenty of in-depth structural, architectural, and mechanical details. As such, this type of intricate job should only be left to experienced professionals.

Detailed installation will help ensure that the walls of the pool rise to the specific water level and not over it, which is where expert architectural detailing comes into the picture. Pool construction warrants strategic blueprints drafted by Austin swimming pool builders and engineers to make sure that the pool stays completely still and flat with a steady flow of water spilling over the edge.

How Does the Water Flow?

The waterfall effect is created by the water level wall sloping downward and away from the pool. A catch pool or surge chamber is where the overflow water falls into and collects. This catch pool features a small basin which sits under the negative edge and collects water and recirculates it back into the main pool. The chemistry of the water is kept balanced thanks to the overflow basin that contains a reserve of water to cycle properly.

This type of pool will certainly create an opulent resort feel to your home’s backyard. If you’re contemplating having a negative edge pool installed in your home, be sure to contact the professionals in this type of specialized pool design and installation!