If you’ve got kids, then a pool slide can exponentially add to the fun factor of your swimming pool. But there are so many varieties out there, so how do you choose one that works best? Ideally, you should take the specs of the pool slide, your pool, and the surrounding area into consideration before selecting a pool slide, as well as the following.

Pre-Made or Custom-Made

When it comes to a slide for your swimming pool built by a trusted Austin pool builder, you’ll want to decide if a pre-made slide is fine, or a custom-made version might be more appropriate. For certain intricate pool designs, a custom-made slide may be needed, especially if you have unique configurations around your pool.


The amount of space that the pool slide needs is referred to as the footprint. Depending on the model, configuration, and height of the slide, you may need a larger or smaller footprint. For instance, a curved slide usually needs more room on the pool deck, while a corkscrew slide at a shorter height won’t need as much room.


Pool slides come in various heights. You can go with super tall slides, or shorter ones, depending on your wants and the amount of space you have to work with. Shorter slides may be better for smaller spaces and for families with small kids. They’re also good if your community has specific height restrictions in its bylaws.

Otherwise, a tall slide may work well for larger space, families with bigger kids, and communities where the ordinances for height restrictions aren’t that stringent.

Be sure to speak with your local Austin pool builder to find out what your options are when it comes to installing a pool slide for your swimming pool.