Beach-entry pools are becoming increasingly popular among luxury pool owners in Austin because of their ease of entry and aesthetically-pleasing design. Before you have your Austin swimming pool builder add this feature to your pool, consider the following perks about these pools first.

Easy Entry

One of the best things about beach-entry pools is that they allow for much easier and safer entry into the water for small children, the elderly, and those who have physical disabilities. There’s no need to climb up or down a ladder or have to jump in. Instead, the gradual transition into the water makes it safe and easy to enjoy the pool.

Great Spot For Sunbathing

The summers in Austin Texas are known to be sizzling, which can make sunbathing a bit uncomfortable with all that heat. But with a beach-entry pool, you’ll have a great spot to submerge yourself into a few inches of water to keep your body cool while soaking in the sun’s rays. Whether you lay on a lounge chair or directly on the pool floor, the effect will still be the same.

In addition to the perks, however, are some considerations you should make before you have this feature installed by an Austin swimming pool builder. For one, you’ll need enough space in your backyard to allow for this type of entry, as it will take up quite a bit of space. But if you have a very big yard, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Ready to Have Your Pool Installed?

Whether you choose a beach entry for your pool or a traditional edge, you’ll want to get the pros in to have your pool installed. When you’re ready to have your backyard outfitted with a swimming pool, call Reliant pools to help!