When deciding on which pool contractor to use to build your swimming pool, there are a few simple things all home owners should consider.

1.  Has the contractor ever filed bankruptcy with another company?  It is more common than one might think for a contractor to have gone in and out of business, leaving customers with unfinished projects, and not enough money to finish.

2.  Does the pool builder have an office?  If they do not, they may not have anything invested in their company.

3.  Are they members of APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals), and in good standing?

4.  Check on-line for customer reviews.

5.  Ask to speak with some of their customers.  Get a reference list, which should have every past customer listed, not just a selected few.

6.  Are the payments set up to be paid after the completion of the phase?  Beware of advance payment requirements.

7.  Check with the contractor’s vendors and sub-contractors to make sure they pay their bills properly.

8.  Make sure to get a copy of their insurance, that comes directly from the agent, not from the contractor.

Following this simple checklist will help ensure you are working with a reputable company. Remember that this is going to be a long relationship, so choose the builder carefully.  You should feel comfortable that the builder is going to build you the nicest project for the budget you’ve set.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

David Akins

Reliant Pools