Planning for your pool

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Want to have your pool project finished in time for the start of swim season?   If the answer is YES!, you’ll want to start soon, preferably by the end of January.  Although the actual pool construction only takes about five weeks, there are additional items to consider.  You will need to add a couple of weeks each to the construction time for landscaping, irrigation repair, and fencing.  Adding those weeks to the pool construction time leaves seven to eight weeks to complete the project entirely.  With swim season starting in April, you’ll have just enough time for weather delays, and other potential unforeseen issues.  This is the beginning of the busy season, so the sooner the better on getting started to avoid delays due to busy contractor schedules.  In addition, there can be up to a few weeks of work to be done prior to the start of construction:  permits, HOA approvals, financing, etc.   Speak to your designer today to ensure that the backyard of your dreams is ready and waiting for the hot Texas sun.

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