In Austin having a swimming pool of your own is an absolute must. With the sizzling hot temperatures that we experience year-round, it only makes sense to have your very own pool that you can retreat to every day to cool down, rather than getting stuck in an air-conditioned interior just to keep cool.


But what if you don’t have the space in your yard for a traditional in-ground pool? Or what if the space permits, but only enough to house your pool, leaving little room for anything else?


The answer is simple: Ask your Austin, TX swimming pool builder to install a plunge pool! This unique design will allow you to reap the rewards of having your own pool to enjoy without taking up every square inch of your backyard.


A plunge pool is essentially a smaller version of a typical-sized in-ground pool that’s both functional and stylish at the same time. In fact, deep plunge pool easily catches the eye and can transform any backyard into a tropical oasis.


Many Texas homeowners choose to fill the swimming pool with cool water in order for it to serve as a source of refreshment on a hot day, while others keep the water at standard temperatures and enjoy it as they would any other style or size pool.


Plunge pools can easily fit into narrow backyards or courtyards. While they may not necessarily accommodate lap swimming or large pool parties, they still offer small yards with a source to cool down on a hot day. Add some accessories, such as LED lighting or a water sheer, to create a unique look. Surround your pool with decorative stonework to ramp up the aesthetics of the space.


Fun Facts About Plunge Pools


You might be interested to know that plunge pools . . .


▪         Can be heated like a typical-size pool

▪         Can double as a spa

▪         Are cost-efficient, and allow for fast, efficient temperature maintenance

▪         Can boost the property value of your home

▪         Can enhance the visual appeal of your backyard


For more information on installing a plunge pool in your yard, get in touch with professional custom swimming pool builders in Austin, TX today!