Pool Accessories to Keep Handy

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Austin Pool Builders, swimming pool builders Austin Texas | 0 comments

Swimming pools may be fun to have, but they also require plenty of upkeep which requires the use of certain pieces of equipment. But rather than have to scramble to get access to these items, you should always have them handy. 

Here are some accessories to keep readily available to ensure your pool is properly maintained.

Test Strips 

The chemistry of your pool water should always be tested. That’s where test strips can come in handy. These strips test things such as pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness, among other things. Be sure to test the water on a weekly basis, as well as right after a storm.

Skimmer and Pool Brush 

A skimmer will help get rid of debris that falls into your pool and either sits atop the water’s surface or falls a few feet down. A pool brush, on the other hand, can help you clean the floor and walls of the pool, especially if algae is allowed to build up. 

Pool Vacuum 

If you really want to keep your pool water in pristine condition, then consider investing in a pool vacuum. There are manual and automatic pool vacuums available which will keep the interior surfaces of the pool clean. Otherwise, you can even find robotic vacuums that clean your pool without any work on your part. 

Safety Equipment

As a pool owner, you should always have safety equipment on hand in the event of an emergency. These include things such as life jackets, rope and float lines, and other equipment designed specifically for pool safety. Drowning is a real threat, especially for young children. So anything you can do to keep swimmers safe should be seriously considered. 

If you’re considering installing a pool in your backyard, call your trusted Austin swimming pool builders!